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Licensed Professional Counselor


Jen works as a licensed mental health provider, offering services to South Carolinians. Using Hypnosis and EMDR as tools of choice, Jen helps clients battle a wide variety of struggles. 

Currently, the best client fit for her would be someone who knows that the past is in their present and wants to put the past in the past. Also, someone looking to break out of habitual patterns that are no longer serving their best interests would be a great fit for working with Jen. Above all, Jen enjoys working with clients who are willing to work hard to get emotional and psychological relief. A life you love living is possible and if you are willing to show up to the challenge, Jen loves to walk alongside you while do the dang thing. While all genders, sexualities + races are welcome, Jen does have a greater level of experience with trans + queer folx and has a long academic and personal experience understanding BIPOC experience. 

For a copy of her current CV (resume) click here! 

The best way to contact Jen is by email:, and she very much appreciates your patience as you await a response. 

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