Jen Bennett, LPC

Jen is a firm believer that all you need to know is within you. Many things cloud our ability to see ourselves clearly, and some of that fog can be lifted through therapeutic conversation.

In particular, Jen loves working with clients navigating gender identity, sexual orientation, adolescence and/or relationship difficulties. Anyone willing to take the time to explore their inner lives more fully in an effort to alleviate emotional distress in life would be a good candidate for Jen's mode of therapy.  

MA in Sociology from the University of Colorado

MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology from The Citadel

Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina

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Christy Boaman, RYT 200,

PRYT 600

Christy is a student of life, love and yoga. Viewing every experience as an opportunity to grow, she actively pursues a life of awareness and compassion.  By valuing each client’s unique perspective and life experiences, her clients find their own path to change, growth and healing. She truly believes that we are already whole and that yoga therapy clients can discover that for themselves.    

Christy is passionate about working with clients recovering from trauma, experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the many populations (caretakers, fighters and survivors) affected by cancer. Using the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy modality, clients cultivate the connection between their mind and body; It is through this connection that whispers of the body become amplified. When we truly listen to the wisdom of the body, the tools needed for healing are then accessible.

200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification- Asheville Yoga Center (RYT 200)

600 hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certification, an IAYT accredited program.    

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Kristina believes therapy is very much a creative process. Just like a painting or a ball of clay, therapy gets messy in parts, takes patience and dedication, and often turns out to be different than expected, but it nonetheless often produces a desirable outcome.


Kristina specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families on topics related to identity, gender, sexual orientation, relationship stress, pregnancy/post-partum, substance use/addiction, depression, anxiety, and life transitions that may bring about unwanted stress.


MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology from The Citadel 

Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina

Certified Addictions Counselor, Level I

Kristina Kenny, LPC, CAC-I


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Lyn Tally

With one life to live (as far as we know), let us expand beyond a limited self to live life fully.

Lyn’s commitment is to inspire you in the art of living a whole and fulfilled life by sharing wisdom and knowledge around being awake. Your sixteen-awake-hours is the time to grow beyond your limitations and have the mindfulness to know when you are stuck. It's the time to explore the relationship happening in your mind to your body to your emotions and thoughtfully choose who you want to be (rather than what you are supposed to be). It's about knowing and embracing yourself to a point where others can be themselves too and you can celebrate their authenticity (because you are comfortable with your own.) 


Focusing on stress, your mind, and sleep, Lyn’s passion is to help you embrace your life's challenges as part of your flow, no matter what in the world is happening around you.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Faculty Member

Co-Owner of Deliberate Method: the online platform for mindfulness courses

Founder of UNWIND: the deep relaxation course for those ready to Befriend Stress

Stella Bugg

Stella offers her clients unconditional pawsitive regard. She utilizes doggy kisses, loud snoring, puppy dog eyes, full-on lounging and general adorableness to help her clients feel welcome in therapy. 

Her co-therapy services are only available during counseling sessions with Jen Bennett.  She does not accept monetary payment for her services, but will gladly accept kind words, bully rubs and butt scratches if you wish to show her your appreciation.  

Although she loves helping clients, she completely understands if her presence detracts from your counseling. Please talk to her co-therapist, Jen, and the two of them will arrange another location for Stella to hang out while you are in session.  She gets treats in her other location, so there are no hard feelings if you prefer her out of the room.  




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