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General Counseling

Life does not always feel great.  And sometimes, it feels less than great for way too long.  With your willingness, effort and commitment, it can be much better.  Wonderful, even.  


If you are battling depression, anxiety, emotional discomfort or difficulties in your interactions with others, then counseling may be right for you.  In the first few therapy sessions, we will work to identify your distress and seek explanations for why it exists.  Then, we grapple with what is changeable by making changes, and address what cannot be changed with an acceptance strategy.  Finally, we work to fully incorporate these ideas and behaviors into your life to ensure that your growth becomes fully integrated.  


You can create a life you love! 

Gender Therapy

Gender Dysphoria is an emotionally painful experience where biological sex and gender identity are in conflict with one another.  The body is more malleable than the mind, and therefore, treatment of gender dysphoria involves aligning the physical expression of gender with the internal experience of gender.  Gender therapy involves a deep and thorough exploration of gendered experience.  When a client has reached a point of psychological acceptance of their gender identity, gender therapy can also include a connection to resources for social, hormonal and surgical interventions to further align gender identity, expression, and appearance.  

Couples Counseling

During your first session, you and your partner will be interviewed together as we ask you specific questions.  On your second visit, both you and your partner will meet with the therapist alone and this is also an information gathering session. Your third session will consist of feedback from your first two sessions, the paperwork you fill out, and a consultation between your therapist.  You will be provided with target areas to improve your relationship and together, the three of us will come up with a plan to improve your relationship.  From there, we work our plan! 

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